September 5, 2017

Meet the Team!

The 475 Kit team consists of varied individuals coming together to create kits that engage and inspire everyone who makes with them. We’ve profiled our founders, but we would be remiss to not include more about the fantastic team we have supporting this company. Thanks to everyone involved!


Miranda Hansen
Miranda is a maker, thinker, and professional device “structural integrity” challenger who got her start in engineering by testing the integrity of all the appliances in her parents home that were not locked down or hidden.


Hailey Roemer
Hailey is business and financial guru who volunteers her time and talents turning her friends hobbies and crazy ideas into self-funding business opportunities.


Kevin Cavender
Kevin is an engineer through and through who makes technology bend to his will and do as he codes it to.


Jessica Colvin
Our project manager extraordinaire who pushes us to do a little bit more, or a lot more.


Joshua Cummings
Our webmaster who troubleshoots and manages virtually all of the content here.


Emily Bartlett
Our customer experience guru who guides us in the process our customers go through when receiving a kit.