September 9, 2017


Where can I support 475 Kits?

Our Kickstarter!

Who are 475 kits for?

475 kits are an entry point for learners age 7 and up to dive into the world of engineering and technology.  Providing materials and educational resources, 475 kits facilities intrinsic learning and a collaborative environment where users are encouraged to celebrate their creativity. Each kit is designed to allow the user to create their own path to knowledge and should not require outside guidance. (Young children may require adult supervision when using potentially hazardous equipment such, as hot glue guns)

Why ages 7 and up?

In working with a wide age range of kids, we found those age 7 and up were starting to grasp the technological aspects as well as the goals of the project. They still require some assistance, with some projects requiring the use of a hot glue gun, but for the most part, they get it and are excited!

When are monthly kits delivered?

Our monthly kit’s first delivery will ship on December 10th, with our arrival date set to be December 22nd, just in time for Christmas! The only way to  buy our kits at this point is to back our Kickstarter. We plan to integrate direct ordering on our website starting January 2018.

Why are the Arduino boards not required?

Arduino boards are fundamental to Level 3 projects, but most level 1 and 2 projects will operate without one. We highly recommend them, but you will still be able to engage with the project and develop most of the materials without the use of one.

Why are we called 475 kits?

Our Creator, Miranda, took a class at WSU with course list number 475. The class explored the “digital divide,” a concept that explores the discrepancy in meaningful access to technology. Basically, why are only those with degrees, high income, or other access points the few ones able to engineering concepts?
Thus, Miranda designed 475 Kits, a company committed to designing projects that can break down this gap and actually give people access to these technologies in a fun and meaningful way.