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Our Goals

475 Kits is a company dedicated to making engineering accessible. By designing monthly project kits which utilize grassroots hacking as well as modern maker tools we invite people of all ages and economic demographics into the engineering space. Each kit includes three unique projects, as well as curriculum and learning resources for our makers to create and expand upon their own ideas.


475 Kits wants to make learning fun and not something that must be monitored or facilitated by adults.


475 Kits are designed to remove the learning barrier of getting into tech and engineering fields to provide a more informed and diverse workforce to industry.


At 475 Kits we aim to change the way learning is thought about, and provide the tools and opportunities to allow learners to take their education into their own hands.

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About 475 kits

What is a 475 kit?
An open invite to engineering

The kit includes three projects that build on each other so that each success inspires and propels you to further learning and greater enthusiasm in the following projects.

  • Electronic components
  • Difficult to find mechanisms
  • 3D printed parts and more
  • Step-by-steps example projects
  • Resource maps
  • Pages to record your discoveries

Meet the Founders

Miranda Hansen

Creator & Co-founder
Miss Chief of Mischief
Miranda is a maker, thinker, and professional device “structural integrity” challenger who got her start in engineering by testing the integrity of all the appliances in her parents home that were not locked down or hidden.

Kevin Cavender

Engineer & Co-founder
Entertaining Engineer
Kevin is an engineer through and through who makes technology bend to his will and do as he codes it to.

Hailey Roemer

Entrepreneur & Co-Founder
The Boss of Business
Hailey is business and financial guru who volunteers her time and talents turning her friends hobbies and crazy ideas into self-funding business opportunities.

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